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Laura Case(non-registered)
I enjoyed the pixs I looked at. Just 1 suggestion, along with your name, add the county/state they were taken.
Heather (Quandt) Spagnol(non-registered)
Hi Mr. Rumschlag:
I am very impressed and awed with your artistic style, talent, and timing. Simply amazing! Time for you to visit the rustic charm of Drummond Island. Beautiful scenery, wildlife, interesting history and friendly people (don't forget to wave). Let me know how it goes!

I grew up in Gibraltar, still vacation at Drummond, my father did wildflower photography as a younger man and tried to teach me a bit. I have a lot of respect for your talent and choice of images. Hope you're still shootin'!
Jace Remus(non-registered)
I have to say that your works do inspire me a lot and help in bring a lot of changes to my style as well. Recently I showed your page to one of my friend and he was seriously drooling over how good some pics are.
Larry Costello(non-registered)
Hi Charles, great photos ( bet you haven't heard that before) lol
Would you happen to have a photo of an Osprey for sale, please let me know -L
Musky Mike(non-registered)
Hi Charlie, I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas. I am looking forward to your visit here to the tropics in early January! The wildlife here is waiting for your talents so they can be added to the already impressive body of work here on your site. :)

All the best,

Musky Mike, now residing in Marco Island, FL
Rebecca Alvarado (Rumschlag)(non-registered)
Hey cousin....amazing photography! Have been up your way often with a friend just NW of Monroe. I keep looking to run into you or maybe soon we could just make that happen!
Susan Larsen McGrath(non-registered)
Such beautiful work! My brother Michael, is a friend of yours and told me about your photography years ago. Perhaps someday I will have the pleasure of meeting you. Your photos are breathtaking.
HI Charlie,

It is me. Alice. The pictures in your website are very impressive, i wish we will have a chance to print out them and share with your fans. I believe this book will be the best gift for your fans.
Keith Smithers(non-registered)
Wow Charlie, very impressive. Beautiful work!
Todd Clayton(non-registered)
Great stuff've got some talent, here. So far I like the blue bird amongst the green grass best. Will keep browsing.
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